Helping to advance sustainable progress: 2012 Corporate Responsibility Report

The Report details our strategic approach to corporate responsibility and provides a comprehensive review of the actions we've taken to support sustainable development.

Our actions focus on sustainable solutions, risk management, stakeholder dialogue, internal environmental management, corporate citizenship and employee relations. A separate chapter in the Report is devoted to each of these topics. In addition, the Report includes two "Corporate responsibility in context" sections detailing the Principles for Sustainable Insurance and one of our five Top Topics, "Funding longer lives."

We do not stand still

We have published a public account of our track record as a responsible company since 1998. In this year's edition we have made a number of important improvements, all aimed at enhancing our accountability: firstly, independent assurance by PricewaterhouseCoopers has been extended beyond the Group's CO2 emissions to three full chapters; secondly, we report for the first time against the Principles for Sustainable Insurance, which we helped develop; thirdly, in specific sections we point out some of the reasons why implementing sustainability is not always easy or straightforward.

As in past years, the Report also serves as Swiss Re's official "Communication on Progress" for the UN Global Compact and refers to the guidelines on sustainability reporting issued by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Not just lip service – tangible achievements

Specific achievements described in the Report include how we are helping to develop agricultural insurance in Sub-Saharan countries through the Grow Africa Partnership; and how, along with several partner organisations, we are implementing index insurance solutions to offer rural communities protection against the fallout from adverse weather. In 2012, we also renewed and expanded the MultiCat cat bond, which offers the Mexican government financial protection of up to USD 315 million against hurricanes and earthquakes. You can find out more about these and other projects in the "Creating solutions for sustainability" chapter.

Other achievements closer to home include the reduction of our CO2 emissions per employee by 55.6% and energy intensity by 42.4% since 2003 – the year we launched our Greenhouse Neutral Programme. Read the "Reducing our environmental footprint" chapter for further details. The Corporate Responsibility Report also evaluates our progress in meeting the specific goals we set for 2012 and sets out our targets for 2013.

Get your copy

To learn more about Swiss Re’s activities as a responsible company in 2012, download a copy of the Report or order a hard copy from our library.

Published 17 June 2013

Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility

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