June 2014 webinar: Emerging cancer treatments and trends


The burden of cancer is predicted to continue growing at an alarming rate into the future, the WHO predicts, with an estimated 22 million new cases and 13 million deaths each year by 2032.
Current standard treatments have failed to significantly impact cancer mortality rates but advances in cancer genetics elucidating the underlying mechanisms for cancer development and progression have dramatically expanded the pool of molecular targets and therapeutics. Specific methods interfering with tumorigenic pathways without harming healthy cells is what targeted therapies endeavor to accomplish. Most targeted cancer therapies are either small-molecule drugs or biologics specifically directed against the characteristics of an individual's cancer, making personalized medicine already a reality. New approaches such as cancer immunotherapy, cancer vaccines and gene therapy offer the promise as a new tool in cancer treatment to achieve durable responses.

Treating cancer won't come cheap and prices of each new drug seem to outpace the one before. Compared to a decade ago, costs for new anticancer agents have more than doubled, and price tags of $100,000 or above are becoming the norm. This has put pressure on public and private health insurance and increases concerns about the future sustainability and affordability of national healthcare systems.

Target group

This webinar is targeted at L&H underwriters, claim managers and people from Medical Services and Medical Insurance.


  • Global / regional cancer facts & figures
  • Advances in cancer drug discovery and development
  • Impact on (future) cancer mortality
  • Outlook on cancer treatment durations and cost evolution


  • Presentation – 45 mins
  • Question and answers – 15 mins


Séverine Rion
Head Life & Health R & D Europe
Swiss Reinsurance Company, Zurich

Florian Rechfeld
Medical Biochemist
Swiss Reinsurance Company, Zurich


25 June 2014 (Wednesday)


2 - 3 pm, AWST (Hong Kong time)


1 hour





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