Reinsurance Technical Accounting

Line of Business: Property & Casualty
Level: Intermediate
Date:19 - 20 Sep 2017
Duration: 2 days

Target Group

Reinsurance Technical Accounting Department / Finance Department (Reinsurance Technical Accountants, finance Manager, Actuaries, etc.).

Training Goals

Participants gain in-depth knowledge of all key elements on Technical Accounting in a Reinsurance contract.

As an additional service, Swiss Re wants to support clients in building up Reinsurance Technical Accounting knowledge. In addition, with this training, Swiss Re can ensure to receive a better quality and a timely reporting of the Reinsurance accounts by the clients according to contract conditions.

Content / Agenda

•    Reinsurance treaties / basic principles
•    Treaty wordings/portfolios
•    Accounting systems
•    Technical accounting, proportional accounts, adjustments, cash claims
•    Non-proportional accounts, special features
•    Contract clause

All Swiss Re lecturers are experts in the field with extensive expertise and close links with daily insurance business. We would like to emphasize the importance for candidates to possess a good command of spoken English. Only then will participants be able to get the most of what this course has to offer.