Engineering Advanced

Line of Business: Engineering
Level: Advanced
Date:24 - 28 Apr 2017
Duration: 5 days

Target Group

This one-week course addresses insurance professionals who wish to gain an in-depth knowledge of engineering insurance and particularly project insurance within a short period of time.

Training Goals

To give participants an in-depth knowledge of project insurance covers and to broaden their know-how on insurance covers related to the construction industry; to sharpen their practical skills enabling them to underwrite and manage large and complex construction project risks.

Content / Agenda

  • Risk assessment, underwriting and rating of projects such as combined cycle power stations, underground works, wet works
  • Main issues of Engineering Project Insurance covers
  • Decennial/Inherent Defects Insurance
  • Risk management
  • Claims adjustment
  • Management of an engineering portfolio
  • PUMA rating tool (facultative)