Secure Attachment

Secure exchange of encrypted attachments by e-mail.

Why Secure Attachment?

The secure exchange of confidential information (eg, personal data or financial figures) by e-mail is required by many businesses today. The Swiss Re Group Information Classification Guidelines stipulate that confidential and restricted information sent by e-mail must be encrypted.

Have you recently had problems sending encrypted attachment files to Swiss Re?


Please read this information if you received a message about a problem with decryption of an email message containing a secure attachment file that you sent to Swiss Re.  


Swiss Re installed an updated encryption key to replace the earlier key that has an expiration date of 31-May-2014. 


If you are using Secure Attachment after 31-May-2014, you must use the latest encryption key.  Please download the Swiss Re Public PGP key from the link in the Downloads section of this page and use this to encrypt your attachment files.



  • Please download the Swiss Re Public PGP Key file located on the right-hand side.
  • Import the key to your PGP key ring according to the user instructions for your PGP encryption software.

PGP fingerprint

00DD CB96 5828 707E 4C0C C557 5852 EE42 FA87 7614


00DD CB96 5828 707E 4C0C C557 5852 EE42