Magnum Mobile: For Magnum on the move

We know business isn't always conducted in the office. Magnum Mobile puts the choice and flexibility in the hands of those who need it, when they need it - on the move.

The fast-moving pace of today's business environment means that agents, brokers, bank staff and customers need to access your insurance products wherever they are: their office, their home or even a coffee shop.

A growing generation of customers exist who are used to browsing and buying products at all times. As a result, many insurers have already enriched their sales process by launching on and offline sales apps on tablet devices.

Magnum Mobile: an innovative underwriting app for mobile devices

The app easily integrates into your current agent or client app, enabling customers to be underwritten for insurance anytime, anywhere.  It intuitively takes the applicant through the risk assessment process, gathering key information, even when connectivity is not possible.

Mobile questions: no need to carry paper forms

You can ask consistent application questions every time. Magnum's multi-lingual capability means agents can choose the right language that works best for them and their customer.

Mobile answers: a customer can provide all the information you need in one go

Many applications are accepted automatically with concise, relevant customer information, making Magnum Mobile straightforward for you and the customer.

Connect and underwrite: go online or submit later

As soon as a connection to the internet is available, the application is submitted directly to Magnum for assessment. Additional information, such as existing policy information, can be included in real time – resulting in fast, accurate decisions.

In-depth insight for your business

You can gain a competitive edge to help grow your business further thanks to Magnum capturing data immediately. This combined with Swiss Re's global knowledge and expert understanding of data insights will enable you to fully explore future opportunities for development.