Reach new heights with our advanced, automated underwriting solution

Magnum Pure enables you to easily build and optimise your ideal customer journey and underwriting rules. It gives you unprecedented insight into the business you’re writing. Best of all, it’s powered by Swiss Re’s global risk expertise.


  • Tailor your underwriting rules and application journey with ease
  • Unprecedented insight into the business you’re writing
  • The latest technology for maximum flexibility

At Swiss Re we have been at the forefront of innovation in automated underwriting for more than 25 years. Today our automated solutions across 30 countries process more than ten million applications a year.

We’ve bundled all this experience into a new generation solution that is helping our clients achieve great moments of success like delivering new innovations and reaching more customers with increased confidence in underwriting decisions.

A fresh approach brings fresh opportunities

Magnum Pure is a fresh, dynamic approach that incorporates user experience feedback and market knowledge. Its interactive online data and reporting service allows for quick, easy and secure access to detailed reporting and analysis giving a valuable window into your business.

The true value of Magnum Pure is helping to create what we like to call “We’ve done it!” moments –milestones worth celebrating because we’ve worked together to overcome steep challenges and discover solutions.

Magnum Pure gets you there with the ability to:

  • Take control of your business through quick, easy and secure access to valuable data insights.
  • Support the creation of a customer experience that differentiates you from your competitors.

Access Magnum Pure in a way that suits you

Magnum Pure’s user experience is consistent no matter the device.

  • Your teams can work together from any location with internet access.
  • Customers can apply for your products at anyplace or anytime.
  • Our mobile solution for intermediaries is a proven technology, processing more than 30,000 applications per day.

Build rules quickly and easily

  • Build a tailor-made process with confidence based on built-in error-checking, integrated testing capability and automatic version control.
  • Get to market quickly and at a low cost without specialist expertise.

Take control with information on demand

  • Quick, easy, secure access to reporting and analytics on your custom dashboard.
  • Built-in standard views plus intuitive drill-down for in-depth analysis.
  • Identify potential risk trends and react quickly to market changes.

Magnum Pure opens new horizons of possibility when your aspirations meet our capabilities.

Could this be the right time to start the conversation about the moments of success we can create together? Talk to your Swiss Re contact today!