Determining realistic new replacement values in property insurance is a very complex business.

Swiss Re has developed a computer-based valuation tool that helps to determine risk-adjusted new replacement values of buildings and contents: PISA Valuation (Property Insurance Sums Appraisal)


PISA Valuation is a comfortable and user-friendly PC-assisted application that can be used for a wide range of occupancy types. The software is primarily designed for property underwriters and risk engineers and it helps with the expert calculation of replacement values commensurate with risk, thereby offering protection against the potential negative consequences of underinsurance. PISA Valuation is advantageous to all those involved in property insurance: policyholders, insurance companies and brokers.

Occupancy types

Over the last few years, PISA Valuation’s functions have been continually expanded and the calculation models refined.

From the industry sector, PISA Valuation features calculation modelling for the following types of occupancies:

  • power plants (energy), conventional fuel
  • combined heat-and-power stations (energy and heat)
  • steel production, rolling mills
  • breweries with bottling facilities
  • refineries, petrochemical processing
  • pulp production, paper manufacturing facilities

From the commerce, trade and private segment, PISA Valuation provides calculation modelling for the following types of occupancies:

  • hotels, guesthouses
  • hospitals, clinics
  • elderly residential homes, nursing homes
  • offices, administration buildings
  • bakeries, confectioners
  • restaurants, inns
  • car dealerships, motor repair workshops
  • carpentries, joinery workshops
  • retail shops, department stores
  • agricultural enterprises, farms
  • private homes, multi-family housing

The calculation modelling is specifically designed for individual markets, based on the particular economic data of the respective countries.

Access to PISA

PISA Valuation can be obtained via the PISA portal on the AssTech website: http://www.asstech.com/en/index.html

Under the "PISA" menu option, there is a Configurer, which clients can use to make their own selection from PISA’s range of functions. The functions of the PISA valuation can be tailored, enabling it to meet the wide-ranging requirements of our clients:

  • Complete Edition: The full version offering a PISA valuation for all occupancy types and markets included in the tool.
  • Customer Edition: According to the requirements of the client, a tailored selection of occupancy types and countries can be made with flexible timeframes and in any combination.