CatNet® services

Swiss Re offers clients a range of proprietary tools specifically designed to provide overviews and assessments of natural hazard exposure.  

Natural hazard information combined with Google Maps™ and satellite imagery is available free of charge for Swiss Re’s clients.

The CatNet® functions and data facilitate a professional overview and assessment of natural hazard exposure for any location worldwide. This makes CatNet® a valuable tool in preparing local, regional and cross-regional risk profiles.

The benefits of CatNet® at a glance

  • Swift hazard checks for regions you are not familiar with
  • Tailormade maps and satellite images
  • Import your location data to illustrate risk exposures combined with natural hazard data
  • Country-specific insurance conditions, claims experience and natural disaster loss dimensions
  • Footprints of major catastrophes

Three main features of CatNet®

  • Natural hazard atlas
  • Country-specific insurance data
  • Link to disaster statistics

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CatNet® Web Map Services

CatNet® Web Map Services (WMS), is a new, flexible service Swiss Re offers to provide you with natural hazard information. It complements CatNet®, our online natural hazard atlas. It enables you to enhance your in-house processes – allowing you to access Swiss Re’s comprehensive natural hazard knowledge directly from your own applications via standardised interfaces.

Like CatNet®, WMS also covers global perils such as river flood, coastal flood, seismic hazard, tsunami, wind, hail and more.