Streamline your underwriting

Take cost out, put profit in

Swiss Re and PlanetSoft have joined forces to offer you an automated and fully configurable underwriting decision tool and new business platform enabling end-to-end, straight-through processing based on your requirements.

Presenting plasmaTM From the leaders in reinsurance underwriting and insurance technology comes the most innovative entry into the world of accelerated underwriting.

Convenience and cost effectiveness:

  • Reduce expenses through accelerated underwriting
  • Reduce medical evidence costs and get faster decisions
  • Access to MIB, MVR and Rx databases plus other available data sources
  • Automatic screening of medical evidence feeds (e.g. lab test results)
  • 24/7 availability, with majority of underwriting decisions at point of sale, and
  • A state-of-the-art technology platform to deliver all of the above

The potential for the middle market is high. Let plasmaTM help you capture value from this segment.

You want quick underwriting decisions and processing. See how plasmaTM can increase efficiency and reduce your costs.

Learn about Magnum, our automated underwriting tool for a new decade.

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