Admin Re®

Admin Re® is a key solution through which Swiss Re acquires closed blocks of in-force life and health insurance business, either through reinsurance or corporate acquisition, and typically assumes responsibility for administering the underlying policies.

The administration of the business may be managed directly by Swiss Re or, where appropriate, in partnership with a third party.

Admin Re® allows insurers to release capital and gain access to future profit streams from non-core portfolios. It also increases operational efficiency by removing the need for life insurers to maintain legacy administrative systems. An Admin Re® transaction can involve the acquisition of individual blocks of business or can extend to the purchase of an entire life insurance company. Admin Re® enables a company and its shareholders to exit a line of business or market and redeploy the resulting capital and available resources to core operations or new ventures.

Swiss Re has superior experience with the complexities of securing regulatory approval, converting administrative systems in conjunction with our longstanding outsourcing partners, and managing books of business in run-off for the continuing benefit of policyholders. Our strong understanding of local market products, along with our expertise in compliance, regulation, tax and employment issues, position Swiss Re as the leader in this type of business.

The Admin Re® concept began in the United States. Since 1998, Swiss Re has acquired more than 40 blocks of business spanning a range of product types.

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