Winning Together

The first Swiss Re Open is over. And what a show it was!

Possibly Swiss Re’s most ambitious customer forum to date, the Swiss Re Open featured a packed and varied programme of keynote speeches and debates, plus the chance to socialise with sports and entertainment. With the theme of ‘Winning Together’, the event took interaction, engagement, role-play, sharing and learning to a new level.

Clients and brokers chose their personal journey through no less than 16 “Arenas” – light and airy spaces designed to stimulate debate and exchange of ideas. With topics based on Life & Health, Solvency II, Nat Cat, investment management and emerging issues, this was a two-way street. Swiss Re’s experts showcased their expertise, listened and learned with clients, and in places added a touch of controversy to the proceedings.

If the Arenas weren't enough already, the event was topped with keynote speeches. Clients heard from Stefan Lippe, focusing on regulation among the issues confronting the industry. Danish Everest-conqueror Lene Gammelgard helped inspire participants to reach the top of their game. Former British intelligence chief John Scarlett drew parallels with recent political history, urging the audience to expect the unexpected. And Hans-Werner Sinn put his own personal stakes in the ground on the theme of Europe’s economy.

Alongside all this, participants revealed their competitive streak with sporting championships, playing in teams to collect a prize trophy at the end of the show.

Want to get a taste for yourself? Watch the Swiss Re Open videos, capturing a slice of the action on the big day, and visit the photo gallery.

Published 11 July 2011

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