During the internship, you will be part of a team where you will take on tasks and various projects straight away. The network events that are organised for our graduates@swissre will also be open to you and you will get to experience Swiss Re’s culture while interacting with our employees at other business and social events.

Traditional summer internships in the United States and the United Kingdom typically last between 10-12 weeks. Internship positions in Germany and Switzerland last between 3-6 months.

Internship positions are offered in the following Swiss Re hubs:

  • Switzerland/Germany for students in their 3rd year (6th semester) onwards
  • United Kingdom in their penultimate and final year
  • United States for students in their 1st year of a graduate degree programme or in their junior year of an undergraduate programme

We offer internship positions to students from all disciplines. If you have an excellent academic track record, the ability to deliver outstanding solutions and relate well to people from different backgrounds and cultures, you are our ideal candidate.


You will join Swiss Re's New Entrants Days and further you receive on-the-job training in your new role. You will also have the chance to study independently by making use of one of many offers in our eLearning tool.

Classroom-based training will be offered upon need and in agreement with the respective Line Manager.