Meet our interns


Jason Taylor

Finance Corporate Solutions, Global Financial Planning & Analysis (Zurich, Switzerland)

I joined the interns@swissre programme after I received my BA in International Relations and German at Colgate University (US). Working as a Global Financial Planning and Analysis intern not only surrounded me with a multitude of people from different cultures and professional backgrounds, it also allowed me to use my education and apply it in a highly interactive quantitative and qualitative setting. One of the most valuable aspects of the internship is Swiss Re's focus on education.

Carolin Sophia Hendrys

Group Risk Management, Sustainability & Political Risk Mgmt (Zurich, Switzerland)

After finishing my studies as a geographer and ethnologist in Vietnam, I was looking for a way to apply my knowledge and learn more about the financial industry. My internship with the Sustainability and Political Risk Management Team offered me the possibility to learn more about sensitive business transactions and get hands-on experience in risk analysis and assessment within different industry sectors (e.g. Mining, Oil&Gas, Defence or Forestry). I assess sustainability, political and reputational risks and analyse their effects on Swiss Re's business. I learn something new every day and I love the exchange with my colleagues. It has been a great learning experience so far and made me realize what I want to do with my future career.

Arnaud Kopp

Reinsurance, Facultative EMEA (Zurich, Switzerland)

I joined Swiss Re as an intern in the Facultative Casualty Underwriting team for EMEA after receiving my MSc in Law and Finance. I was amazed by how well interns were integrated into the company, especially through the interns@swissre programme. Events were organised for us on a regular basis, creating a real sense of community. Swiss Re is known in the market as a knowledge-based company through its employees and historical expertise. Therefore, don't hesitate to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. Swiss Re employees are easily accessible (even top managers) and happy to share their views and challenges. Finally, Zürich has an incomparable quality of life.

Jessica Fan

Reinsurance, Strategy & Operations Americas (Armonk, US)

In May 2014, I joined the interns@swissre programme in Armonk, New York while studying at the University of Southern California Business School. A Los Angeles native, I had no idea what to expect when hopping on a plane to travel1000 miles away.  Swiss Re's people-oriented culture, happy employees, and fantastic work-life balance truly made me feel at home when I stepped into the office. As an intern, I was assigned analytic jobs that were challenging, educational, yet interesting. My manager made sure I was intellectually stimulated and that I conducted projects that were important to the company. Working at Swiss Re this summer has provided me a unique and challenging experience that has allowed me to connect with people from all over the world.

Anand Savjani

Reinsurance, Actuarial Management Life & Health UK (London UK)

I joined the interns@SwissRe programme in the Life and Health Business Management team after my third year studying mathematics at Warwick University. My training started immediately, which helped me understand the department structure, function and the day-to-day procedures. After a few weeks, I was given relatively large projects to complete which meant managing my deadlines effectively and being responsible for completing time-sensitive work.
I also attended talks on different business functions with other interns and we also came up with our own fundraising events for Swiss Re's charity of the year, Teenage Cancer Trust. This gave us the opportunity to be creative, work together and to leave our mark on the office. My time spent at Swiss Re was a great introduction to a corporate world, where there is an open and inclusive culture.