Interns FAQs

When does recruiting of Interns begin?
Recruiting begins at different times in America and Europe. Please refer to the recruitment site for details.

Am I allowed to apply for positions in all regions?
When applying for a position, please ensure that you hold a valid work permit for the region/country in question.

Do I have to speak the local language of the specific location I would like to apply?
Our business language is English. If not indicated otherwise on a job posting, the local language is not a requirement but it is an advantage.

Do you take students from all semesters and disciplines?
We are looking for students attending an institute of higher education. Internship positions are offered to students in:

  • Switzerland/Germany in their 3rd year (6th semester) onwards
  • United Kingdom in their 1st year onwards
  • United States in their 1st year of a graduate degree programme or in their junior year of an undergraduate programme

We offer internship positions to students from all disciplines. If you have an excellent academic track record, the ability to deliver outstanding solutions and relate well to people from different backgrounds and cultures, you are the ideal candidate to apply for an internship position at Swiss Re.

How can I apply for an interns@swissre job and what kind of documents should I include?
To register and apply for the available positions, please use our eRecruiting tool.  Please demonstrate clearly in your application your qualifications and motivation making you the ideal candidate for the specific position.  You must also attach your CV as well as any significant documents i.e. scanned copies of university transcripts, diplomas and, if available, any relevant reference/confirmation letters to your candidate profile. You may attach up to 5 documents, each no larger than 3 MB. You may wish to group several documents in one merged PDF file.

How long does the programme last?
Aside from traditional Summer Internships (3 months), occasionally, for special projects, we also offer internship positions that last between 3-6 months at various locations

When does the programme start?
In the US, Summer Internship positions are typically offered between May and September. In other countries this might vary.

What does the programme offer?
During the interns@swissre programme you will be assigned to a line manager and his or her team where you will take on tasks and work on projects straight away. You will have the opportunity to participate in activities that will also expose you to other business units and groups.

Does Swiss Re accept applications from applicants requiring a work permit?
We advise candidates who apply for the interns@swissre programme to ensure that they hold a valid work permit for the country in question as we may not be able to support them in obtaining the legally required documents necessary for employment in that country. Our recruiting team will review every application and check the possibilities for each candidate.

How do we train you?

  • Distance and blended learning
  • On-the-job training and independent study

Will I have opportunities to network?
The network events organised for our graduates are also open to you. You will also get to experience Swiss Re’s culture while interacting with senior executives at business and social events.

Will I be able to monitor my progress?
At the beginning of your internship, your line manager will set goals with you and your internship manager will schedule a mid-term review to make sure that you get the most out of your experience at Swiss Re.