graduates@swissre programme

The graduates@swissre programme offers you the opportunity to join the exciting world of a specialised financial services organisation. If you have just earned your degree and have little or no work experience, we will recruit you for a position in one of our business functions where a line manager will be appointed to be responsible for you. Furthermore, you will receive thorough and intense training to get you in shape quickly to meet the business challenges you will encounter in your day-to-day work.

The graduates@swissre programme consists of the following five main elements:

  • On-the-job training
  • Classroom-based and general off-the-job training
  • Assignments: technical paper and project work
  • Job rotation
  • Mentoring & networking

The programme starts on 1 September every year and officially ends at the end of February, 18 months after programme start. As a graduate, you will have your home base at one of our regional offices in the Americas, Asia or Europe, depending on the position you are hired for. Every graduate is assigned a personal mentor to ease integration in the new work environment and provide additional support throughout the programme. In addition, there will be multiple opportunities to network within the graduates population as well as management and colleagues across the company.



Classroom-based training mainly focuses on technical skills as our business is highly specialised. It consists on the one hand of three general training blocks mandatory for all graduates which will provide a combination of general business learning modules and basic technical modules. On the other hand, specialist training is offered within the reinsurance context. This training is aimed at the specific needs of the business function you are assigned to.

In addition to training in a classroom-setting, you will receive two assignments aimed at providing you with the opportunity to transfer your know-how acquired through training into the business context. Furthermore, they will serve as a platform for us to give you extensive and relevant feedback on your work. Within the technical paper assignment you will be asked to leverage what you have learned in the classroom to develop concrete solutions to a specific problem in the context of your work environment. The paper will be sponsored and reviewed by your line manager. The project assignment is set-up to introduce you to cross-functional project work around a core business related topic. The findings of the project group will be presented to and reviewed by a panel of senior Swiss Re business experts.