Established 1863

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In 1989, Swiss Re celebrates its 125th anniversary with various cultural events. An exhibition on the history of the company is set up in the 'Altbau' for visitors and employees.


Swiss Re acquires the Lloyd Adriatico, Trieste, one of Italy's leading insurance companies. Lloyd Adriatico employs 1400 people and is active in all branches.
The Thomas Howell, Selfe Group, with head office in Birmingham, one of the leading companies in the field of claims handling and risk inspection with around 1000 employees, is acquired by Swiss Re. Swiss Re also takes over the Union Re, Zurich, Switzerland's third largest reinsurer. The Union Re employs around 150 people and has subsidiaries in the Netherlands, France and Spain.
On taking over the Reiss Organisation, with 500 employees specialising in the management of captive insurance companies, Swiss Re establishes the International Risk Management Group Ltd. (IRM Group) as a new service company in Bermuda.
The concept by which contemporary Swiss art is displayed in the Swiss Re buildings, with works by Martin Disler, Barbara Hée, Hans Josephson, Oliver Mosset, Meret Oppenheim, Hugo Suter, André Thomkins and Richard Paul Lohse, is extended at the end of the year with works by Balthasar Burkhard, Max Bill, Dieter Roth and Jean Tinguely.


On 1 December 1986, a new office building, the 'Mythenschloss', is inaugurated at the head office. The original building from the 1920s, which had been used as residential property and was partly under preservation order, had been demolished. The new building with the restored facade provides working space for 500 employees.


Swiss Re develops a future-oriented corporate strategy which takes into account altered market structures, new market participants and products and changes on the demand side in the area of risk management. The designing of progressive methods of risk management transforms the reinsurance product into a differentiated range of reinsurance cover and complementary services.


Over the years, Swiss Re has developed a whole range of services which go beyond the scope of reinsurance in the narrow sense, but which play a vital role in maintaining customer relations. In view of the growing importance of such services, Swiss Re decides to expand its capacity in this sector even further, the main emphasis being on risk assessment and handling, claims handling and insurance and reinsurance information services.
In 1984, the American insurance industry experiences its worst result in the Non-Life branches since 1906, the year of the San Francisco earthquake.

In summer a devastating hailstorm in Munich becomes one of the largest insured losses of all times. Insured damage totals around 1.5 billion Deutsche Mark.


On 2 May 1983 the number of staff at the head office in Zurich passes the 1000 mark for the first time. Many of these employees perform highly specialised activities. Swiss Re is referred to as the 'House of a hundred specialists'.

75th anniversary of Employees Association.


After the take-over of the 'mh Bausparkasse AG', a Munich-based building society, Swiss Re and the Zurich Insurance Company each take a 50% share of the Fidelity and Deposit Company of Maryland, Baltimore, USA, one of America's leading Fidelity insurance companies. In addition, 100% of the share capital of the 'Isar Lebensversicherung AG', Munich, is acquired. This company is merged with the 'EOS Lebensversicherung AG', Dusseldorf, to become the 'Vereinte Lebensversicherung AG', Munich.

For the first time Swiss Re creates a non-voting share capital (240,000 non-voting shares at a nominal value of 50 Swiss francs each).