Established 1863

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In the last 20 years the number of staff at head office has doubled to around 900; the number of guests to be catered for has risen to over 5000 per year. For this reason, the 'Clubhouse' was enlarged in a two-year rebuilding programme taking into account aspects of urban architecture and the building's representative function.

In its series of publications Swiss Re contributes to the discussion of ecology and environment with a highly esteemed publication entitled 'Ecology and Environmental Protection'.


The service company SOCARI is founded in Buenos Aires.
In autumn 1976, the SWITZERLAND General Insurance Company Ltd., Zurich, is looking for a strong partner and approaches Swiss Re.
A take-over bid is made and Swiss Re acquires 94% of the company's shares by expiry of the deadline on 22 January 1977. The new subsidiary is one of the leading international Marine insurers in Switzerland and has subsidiary companies in Australia, Spain and England; it is likewise active in reinsurance.

Walter Diehl, managing-director of Swiss Re from 1977-1991.


Swiss Re founds Swiss Re Advisers Ltd., Manila, in the Philippines.


Swiss Re Holding Ltd. sets up a German holding company, 'SR Beteiligungen AG', in Munich, which takes over the majority shares of the two all-branch insurance groups, the 'Vereinigte' and the 'Magdeburger' groups. The 'Vereinigte Versicherungsgruppe', which changes its name in 1988 to 'Vereinte Versicherung', is one of Germany's leading insurance groups.


The international presence is strengthened further by the foundation of two service companies, OFATEC Venezuela in Caracas and OFATEC Mexico in Mexico City. In addition, Swiss Re Holding (North America) Inc. is set up in August 1973 as a holding company for the North American Reinsurance Corporation and North American Reassurance Company.


To secure enough reserve office space at its headquarters, Swiss Re buys two additional office buildings on the Alfred Escher-Strasse opposite the main building. Bernhard Luginbuehl is commissioned to execute a sculpture to stand in front of the main entrance of the 'Neubau'.

At Swiss Re a new management concept based on a participative style of management is developed. The company's top management approves the new management principles on this basis.
On 17 July 1972, a contact office is opened in the Dowa Building in Tokyo to perform service and information functions. In 1981, the office is renamed Swiss Reinsurance Company Representative Office Tokyo.


From 1 July 1970, employees benefits from so-called 'flexible' working hours.
The foundation of an advisory company, Swiss Re Advisers, Inc. in New York extends further the advisory and service companies in the reinsurance sector.