Established 1863

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Swiss Re sets up the Swiss Reinsurance Company (UK) Ltd. in May 1969; the London contact office is disbanded. In August 1969, Swiss Re (UK) starts transacting reinsurance business in Property, Engineering and Accident. Life business is written from 1970, Marine from 1971 and Aviation from 1975, the latter being two major lines of business in which the London market is leader.
A new office building, the 'Neubau', on the site of the former tennis courts on the Mythenquai is completed and opened on 6 June 1969. On the same day, the new sports ground in Adliswil is opened. In 1971, Swiss Re receives an award from Zurich City Council for the new extension.


Representatives from the Swiss Re Advisers Bureau, founded in Hong Kong in 1956, travelled to Singapore on a regular basis, using the country as a base from which to manage their clients. Swiss Re applied for a licence to operate in Singapore in 1967, and in November 1968, Swiss Re Advisers (Singapore) Private Limited was officially founded.

Separation from Mercantile & General Reinsurance Company.


Swiss Re professionalises their advisory role as a reinsurer. Services companies like Audatex in 1966 are set up. Operating mainly in highly motorised countries, Audatex is used to calculate the current value of motor cars and motor bicycles and the cost of accident and glass damage.
In the autumn of 1965, hurricane 'Betsy' causes widespread devastation in the south of the United States. 'Betsy' kills 70 people and causes damage in the states of Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana costing the insurance industry over 700 million dollars.


Swiss Re is reorganized with the creation of market-oriented departments. Swiss Re's traditional 'branch' structure is discarded and replaced by geographically based market departments with specialised insurance sectors in light of the company's increasing. The traditional 'technical accounting areas' of Fire, Accident and Marine are merged.  

In Swiss Re's 100th business year the gross premium income is just under 1.4 billion Swiss francs. The company has concluded reinsurance treaties with around 1000 companies in 75 countries and there are almost 500 people on the staff.

On the occasion of the centenary the company introduces a new logo. The company publishes an overview of the insurance markets of the world. Also, Swiss Re donates a Gottfried Keller memorial to the city of Zurich. A hall of residence is built for the students of the two higher education establishments in Zurich.
A contact office is opened in London to make Swiss Re's services available to the U.K. market and to permit new business.


In Melbourne, the Australian Reinsurance Company Ltd. is founded.


The company founds the Canadian Reassurance Company for Life business.
Swiss Re installs an IBM 650 data processing unit.
In the 1960s and 1970s, utmost attention is paid to the further training of employees, especially at all management levels, with the introduction of new training concepts.
On 15 December 1960, the Swiss Insurance Training Centre (SITC) is established in the form of a foundation. It is set up to promote the training of insurance experts from throughout the world, in particular from developing countries. The courses give a thorough introduction to the various classes of business, the organisation of insurance and management.