Established 1863

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Swiss Re's Canadian Branch is opened in Toronto.

For the first time Swiss Re's gross premium income exceeds the billion mark with 1043 million Swiss francs.


Swiss Re introduces the five-day week. The Employees' Association celebrates 50 years of existence and issues a commemorative publication to mark the occasion.

Max E. Eisenring, managing-director of Swiss Re from 1958-1964.


Swiss Re's new restaurant for staff and guests, the 'Clubhouse', is completed after four years of construction according to plans drawn up Hans Hofmann, the chief architect of the 1939 Swiss National Exhibition. The building is inaugurated by the now 450 members of staff on 20 December 1957.


In the Far East, the advisory company, Swiss Re Advisers Limited, is founded in Hong Kong.


Swiss Re founds the Australian Branch in Melbourne.


At Swiss Re the mechanical computer is replaced by a programmable one.


On 10 November 1950, the Swiss-South African Reinsurance Company in Johannesburg is founded. The new company operates in both Life and Non-Life reinsurance.