Established 1863

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On 10 June 1939, celebrations are held to mark the company's 75th anniversary. Only one year before Swiss Re has become the leading reinsurer. Premium income in 1938 is 297 million Swiss francs. Treaties are in force with 546 companies; the company employs 426 people.
In accounting, a change is made from the Powers system to the 'Hollorith' (IBM) system. The first keyboards for alphanumeric data and a mechanical card puncher are installed.


The company founds the Neue Holding AG; in 1970, it changes its name to Swiss Re Holding Ltd. and is responsible for subsidiary companies and company holdings. The exclusive purpose of the company, according to its articles of association, is the "continual holding of domestic and foreign insurance companies".


The devaluation of the Swiss franc also favours the foreign activity of Swiss Re, which is reflected in a rise in premium income.