Established 1863

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Swiss Re suffers large losses from the stock market crash.


The 'automated office' arrives at the Mythenquai. Swiss Re acquires Powers punched card machines which remain in use until 1939.


Swiss Re acquires the majority shareholding of the Bavarian Reinsurance Company in Munich, founded in 1911. The company plays a valuable role, especially in the years after the Second World War, when it is no longer possible to maintain direct relations with German treaty partners during the allied occupation of Germany.
In Zurich-Enge the track of the Gotthard railway is transferred into a tunnel, leaving room to extend the Mythenquai office building on the side away from the lake.


Swiss Re decides to write Aviation Hull reinsurance business.

The Group's subsequent expansion is concentrated on Europe, where Swiss Re has shares in a total of 31 insurance companies, mostly direct insurers, in 11 countries, with the main emphasis on Germany. These post-war years also form the basis for the current close relationship with the 'German Group'.
In New York, Swiss Re founds the North American Reassurance Company, the first professional reinsurance company to write exclusively Life business on the American market. After a few dramatic years, the new company assumes a leading position.


Erwin J. Huerlimann, managing-director of Swiss Re from 1921-1930.