About Swiss Re Reinsurance Asia

Swiss Reinsurance Asia Pacific

Swiss Re has been partnering with Asian clients since the early 1900s, joining local skills and expertise with global resources, and maintaining a depth of local knowledge yet benefitting naturally from a global perspective. The company began operations in Asia Pacific in 1956. Swiss Re has over 1,400 employees in Asia Pacific, and has offices in Sydney, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai and Bangalore, where it operates a global business processing office. Swiss Re’s Asia Division headquarters is in Hong Kong.

Our Reinsurance Business

Property & casualty and life & health insurers choose Swiss Re for its innovative reinsurance solutions, capital strength and expertise. Alongside sophisticated risk modeling and a geographically diversified portfolio, Swiss Re's insurance and public sector clients can benefit from its leadership in insurance-based security solutions and services for comprehensive risk management.

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Asia Division headquarters:
Room 3601-03, 36/F & 61/F
18 Harbour Road
G.P.O. Box 2221
Hong Kong

T: +852 2827 4345
F: +852 2827 6033