Ethical business is good business

As part of its commitment to sustainability, Swiss Re says no to transactions involving anti-personnel mines and cluster munitions

Anti-personnel mines (APMs) and cluster munitions are designed to kill and maim human beings in an indiscriminate way.

Their deployment is irresponsible because of the immediate human suffering they cause and because unexploded APMs and cluster bombs threaten life and limb long after a conflict is over. And to have them cleared is not only a costly, it also puts the lives of mine-disposal experts at risk.


Because Swiss Re feels very strongly about this issue, we have been helping to drive an insurance industry working group whose aim is to raise awareness of the ethical and reputational challenges related to anti-personnel mines and cluster munitions. Experts from Swiss Re's Sustainability unit were actively involved in generating the content of a paper produced by the group. The paper, titled "The CRO Forum Blueprint on Anti-personnel Mines and Cluster Munitions," can be downloaded here (PDF, 641 KB).

Very recently, Swiss Re made an even more emphatic statement about its position on APMs and cluster munitions by identifying those companies with whom it will refrain from doing business as a result of their connections with the manufacture of such weapons.

Long-standing commitment to sustainability

Our stance on APMs and cluster munitions is one important part of a long-standing commitment to enabling sustainable progress.  We have underscored this commitment by signing UN-sponsored international agreements on ethics such as the Global Compact, the Principles for Responsible Investment and the Principles for Sustainable Insurance.

Published 5 October 2012

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