We're smarter together: the story behind Swiss Re's brand promise

For over 150 years, it's been Swiss Re's business to enable risk-taking. Together with its clients and partners, the company has helped people all over the world to turn pioneering ideas into reality or to get back on track when things go wrong.

That’s how societies become better, safer, and more resilient – in fact every bit as resilient as the partnerships Swiss Re forms with its clients.

When we work together, share ideas, and open our minds to what faces today’s communities and future generations, we don't just see risks – we find opportunities. For our clients. For Swiss Re. And for everyone.

'We're smarter together' is Swiss Re’s brand promise. It's a public declaration and commitment to helping clients succeed. It highlights Swiss Re's partnering spirit, and celebrates achieving things together with our clients that we couldn’t on our own – with results that bring real value to society at large. But 'We’re smarter together' is far more than a slogan. It's Swiss Re's promise to its stakeholders, and an aspiration for everyone working at Swiss Re.

Swiss Re aims to become an even more outward-facing partner, 100% focused on the benefits provided to clients and business partners around the world.

Swiss Re is confident of finding ways to apply its expertise, collaborate with partners and adapt to their needs, and continue bringing fresh perspectives to how the world faces risk.