Reducing our environmental footprint

We take care to minimise the environmental impact of our operations. Through innovative initiatives we have achieved a substantial reduction of our CO2 emissions and encourage our employees to reduce their private carbon footprint. In our sourcing operations, we apply a set of sustainability principles across the Group.

Leading by example

As a financial services provider, we cause comparatively small environmental impacts through our own operations. Yet we regard it as an inherent part of being a responsible company to lead by example and to minimise our direct environmental footprint. CO2 emissions, energy efficiency and sourcing standards are our priorities.

Focus on CO2 emissions

Cutting CO2 emissions is one of four elements of our climate change strategy. Over the years, we have launched some pioneering initiatives: through our Greenhouse Neutral Programme we have achieved a substantial reduction of our total emissions (-49.3% in the programme's first phase from 2003 to 2013), while the COyou2 Programme offers our employees grants for emissions-reducing investments.

Sourcing principles

Our commitment extends to our purchasing operations. The Group Sourcing Policy and several Minimum Standards help us select goods and services that conform to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact and meet various environmental criteria.

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