How we operate

Swiss Re is a knowledge company. We apply that knowledge to help clients, shareholders and society.

Market forces


Our approach and why

A changing world of risk

Competitive re/insurers must find ways to do business in a changing risk landscape.


A knowledge company

We’re taking the lead in developing techniques to estimate losses in changing or even unknown areas of practice, and sharing the benefits of that knowledge with our clients.


New markets, new clients

The fastest-growing insurance markets are emerging markets. Clients in these markets often have specialised knowledge and specialised needs.


Building ties

We’re making substantial investments on the ground to make sure Swiss Re continues to be a well-known, accessible partner for developing re/insurance solutions in our targeted high growth markets.


Alternative capital

Pensions, hedge funds and other non-traditional sources are supplying funds to cover insurance risk, especially natural catastrophes.


A resilient business model

Our clients look to us as more than simply a provider of capacity. We work together with our clients to understand their needs, then develop solutions that capitalise on our more than 150 years of expertise.


Low interest rates

Persistently low interest rates are a challenge to the re/insurance sector, especially where business is long-term in nature, like life businesses.

Offering fresh perspectives

We are reaching out to peers and policymakers to show how re/insurers can better meet the challenge of low interest rates while supporting economic growth by investing in infrastructure.


Shifting risk burdens

Economic growth and demographic changes are putting more assets and lives at risk of natural catastrophes. Governments are often hard-pressed to deal with the consequences.


Protecting societies

We are constantly looking for constructive, sustainable ways to expand the reach of re/insurance, for example through our Global Partnerships business.

A broad insurance cap

The gap between economic losses and insured losses after a catastrophe remains unacceptably high.

Innovating to make more resilient societies

We continue to work with clients and partners to expand the reach of the re/insurance solution and to raise awareness about its importance.

Source: 2014 Annual Report
Updated 12 June 2015