The 2013 Chief Risk Officer Assembly: ask the experts about managing risk for future generations

Managing risk decisions for future generations, people either too young to voice an opinion or as yet unborn, requires boldness and foresight. It is also the theme for the 2013 Chief Risk Officer Assembly at the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue. And you have the chance online to ask the experts what's on their minds.

This year's CRO Assembly focused on risks which not only impact the way we live now but those which will shape the lives of generations yet to come.

Key themes for the Assembly included managing risk across generations; the effect of demographics and emerging markets; public-private partnerships in catastrophe risk and more.

A call to action

Experts from a wide range of fields attended the Assembly on 5-7 November at the Swiss Re Centre for Global dialogue. They "got to the point," sharing their views on what we all can do to manage risk for the future.

For more interviews from the 9th Annual CRO Assembly, go to our YouTube channel.

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