Managing our risks

Risk Management at Swiss Re aims to ensure an appropriate risk-reward balance in all of the Group's risk taking activities. This requires a strong and independent risk management organisation and comprehensive risk management processes to identify, assess and control the Group’s risk exposures. We base our risk management on four guiding principles which we apply consistently across all risk categories throughout the Group:

Controlled risk-taking

Financial strength and sustainable value creation are central to Swiss Re’s value proposition. As a result, we operate within a clearly defined risk policy and risk control framework.

Clear accountability

Our operations are based on the principle of delegated and clearly defined authority. Individuals are accountable for the risks they take on, and their incentives are aligned with Swiss Re’s overall business objectives.

Independent risk controlling

Dedicated specialised units within the independent Risk Management division monitor the Group's risk-taking activities.

Open risk culture

Risk transparency, knowledge-sharing and responsiveness to change are integral to our risk control process.

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