Swiss Re at WEF Latin America 2013

Social innovation and resilience were high on the agenda for Swiss Re at the World Economic Forum Latin America 2013 in Lima, Peru.

World leaders gathered in Lima, Peru 23-25 April to discuss how Latin America could maintain its steady levels of economic growth, further strengthen its ability to attract foreign investment, increase tourism and alleviate poverty.

Even though traditional powerhouses Brazil and Argentina have experienced a slowdown, Colombia, Chile and Mexico are showing impressive growth. WEF Latin America 2013 host Peru is one of the fastest growing and most stable economies in Latin America, almost doubling the size of its economy in the last 10 years. With its massive infrastructure investments and plans to become "the Singapore of the Americas" Panama is another country to watch.

Partnering to address challenges

But major challenges across the region remain, and many feel that the private sector should take on a stronger role in shaping the continent's future, helping to drive innovation and build resilience.

Swiss Re co-chaired WEF Latin America 2013, proof that our 100-year-plus relationship with the continent is stronger than ever. Our message this year: concerted risk management can be a catalyst for growth and resilience. We also shared our experiences from our pioneering public-private partnerships in the region.

Concerted risk management spurs growth, resilience

"Whether you are looking to protect government budgets in the event of disasters, spreading the notion of classic insurance for corporations and individuals, or giving the poorest a fighting chance to improve their future through access to finance – sound risk management simply makes sense," says Swiss Re Group CEO Michel Liès.

"The default position is to react to disasters when it's too late. We have noted that planning before disaster strikes not only save lives and reduces property losses, but can also improve economic prospects considerably. More than anything, it improves the speed and ability to bounce back."

Find out what Michel Liès and the rest of our delegates at WEF Latin America had to say on our Open Minds blog, Twitter and Linked In.

Updated 29 April 2013

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