Responsible Investments – Shaping the future of investing

For Swiss Re the systematic integration of ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) criteria has become an integral part of its investment process including adopting ESG benchmarks. In a new publication, we share our experience and promote an industry dialogue.

Swiss Re is convinced that taking ESG criteria into account makes economic sense and reduces downside risks especially for long-term investors: By implementing ESG benchmarks, Swiss Re has taken the step from considering ESG as an "add-on" approach to making it an integral part of its investment process.

In a new publication, we share our experience and methodologies applied to further promote the development of best practice frameworks. In the last few years the responsible investment topics has gained momentum in the financial industry and institutional investors express their increased interest in it. Nevertheless, ESG factors are not yet part of standard investment practices: On the way to a broadly accepted ESG investment approach, there are still various hurdles to overcome.

Swiss Re advocates that the impact if institutional investors followed the ESG route could be very powerful taking the sheer size of USD 75 trillion of institutional assets into account. This would mark a big step forward in making the world more resilient.

Responsible investing in practice

Our investment philosophy centers on the principle of Asset–Liability Management (ALM) with the aim of generating long–term, sustainable returns. The strong integration of Environmental, Social and Governance...

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Swiss Re's Asset Management receives...

Swiss Re has again been awarded top scores in the United Nations' Principles for Responsible Investments assessment report.

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