Swiss Re at 150: Open minds connecting generations

An ageing population, natural disasters, climate change, food security and sustainable energy: these topics are on our minds now, but what do they mean for generations to come? And how can the past help us understand the future? Join us online as we discuss the risks of yesterday, today and tomorrow as part of Swiss Re's 150 Years Anniversary celebrations.

Many of the risks that were around when Swiss Re was founded a century and a half ago remain with us today: fires, floods and earthquakes are still a worry, along with our protecting our property and – most importantly – the financial impacts of death and ill health.  These 'traditional' risks have been joined by modern day issues such as sustainable energy, food security and climate change.

What's on your mind?

Our Open Minds blog is our dialogue platform. It’s a place to exchange views on risks, with a focus on the risks we’ll face in the future. Alongside our clients and employees, we invite citizens, organisations and governments to discuss how we can come together to help find answers to some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Do you think we need a decentralized approach to solar energy?  Does Europe need more older workers? What do you think about urban farming? Speak your mind on these topics, or create your own.

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Published 30 April 2013
Updated 06 January 2014

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