Expert Spotlight: meet the minds behind Swiss Re

They're passionate, insightful and innovative - and they work at Swiss Re. Our in-house experts are our thought leaders, using their knowledge to help not only clients, but the global community as well. Find out more in the Swiss Re Expert Spotlight podcasts.


Tony Buckle

The impact of 3D printing is on the minds of many, especially in the reinsurance industry. Hear what Swiss Re's Head Global Engineering Tony Buckle has to say about the relationship between the industry and the technique.


Rainer Egloff

Swiss Re Senior Risk Manager Rainer Egloff and the Swiss Re Emerging Risks team play a large part in compiling information for the GRR. In this Expert Spotlight, Rainer dives deeper into the 2013 Report and explains its main themes.

Jérôme Haegeli

The infrastructure sector plays a vital role in making sure our communities remain resilient, and long-term investors play an equally important role in making sure the infrastructure sector remains strong. In this Expert Spotlight, Swiss Re Head Investment Strategy Jérôme Haegeli explains how.

Anwar Hasan

Swiss Re Head Credit Risk Aggregation Anwar Hasan is one of the minds behind not only the Global Risk Report 2012, but previous editions as well. In this Expert Spotlight, he explains the methodology of the 2012 Report, the main themes and how they relate to the real world.

Photo of Kurt Karl

Kurt Karl

Swiss Re Chief Economist and Head of Economic Research & Consulting Kurt Karl discusses the current macro-economic environment and what low interest rates mean for insurers.

Alison Martin

It was the first time at the World Economic Forum for Swiss Re Head Life & Health Alison Martin. Find out what her expectations were before the WEF and her views after the event.


Moses Ojeisekhoba

In the first of a two-part series, Swiss Re Asia CEO Moses Ojeisekhoba sets out the challenges and opportunities he sees for re/insurers in the Asia-Pacific region.

Paula Pagniez

Swiss Re Microinsurance Specialist Paula Pagniez shares why microinsurance is an important tool that can help all levels of society and why she's so passionate about her work.

Christina Ulardic

Christina Ulardic is Swiss Re's Head of Market Development Africa and formulates insurance products that help strengthen food security on the continent. In this Expert Spotlight, Christina highlights two Swiss Re programs and explains her work on the ground.